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Your Broker House (Pty) Ltd FSP 46444 is our registered Financial Services Supplier

Consumer Legal Assist

Herminix Consumer Legal Assist includes a basket of rewards, discounts, services and benefits.

Legal Advice

Members can access legal assistance through the 24-hr call centre 010 1100 474 for assistance with matters concerning general South African law such as civil, criminal, labour, conveyancing, tax, financial advice and family law.

This includes incidents regarding divorce and maintenance, debt collecting, advice on disputes with employers, property transfers and deceased estates for example.

Consumer Legal Team of Lawyers will provide telephonic advice on all matters relating to:

• All Criminal Matters
• All Civil Matters
• All Labour Matters

Where needed the client service centre will refer members to see on of our panel Lawyers, face to face and the first consultation will be free of charge.
This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Send out standard legal documents, for example templates relating to the Small Claims Court (including guidelines as to whether a matter falls within the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court), domestic workers’ agreements or documents on maintenance claims, wills and testaments and many more.

Bail Assist

Lawyers are available on 010 1100 474 at any time to post bail in South Africa up to R6000 for minor offences. All paperwork is managed with the arresting officer.

3rd Party Accident Claims

Consumer Legal together with its panel of Attorneys will investigate any 3rd party claim, accident claims, Road Accident Fund and related claims free of charge.

Garnishee Order Investigation

Consumer Legal Team will investigate any current and up to 3 years old Paid-Up Garnishee Order Free of Charge. Members need to submit all relevant documentation to qualify for the free advice.

Bad Credit listing Investigation and Clearing Services at Discounted rates

Consumer Legal will investigate all bad credit listing and will assist the members, at discounted rates, to clear their names from all Credit Listing Companies.

Food Discount Coupons

Save up to R1,000 on your monthly grocery’s by using our grocery discount e-coupons on a range of groceries which are redeemable at selected Shoprite, Checkers and Checkers Hyper stores.

College Discounts

Members and their families qualify for a discretionary 10% discount for study courses done through Colleges in South Africa.

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Cell-based Treatment Discounts

Members qualify for a discretionary 10% discount for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell, Cell-based Treatment through the Stem Med Doctors Network.

Only R39.00 per Month

R100.00 Registration fee