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Health4All Assist

Herminix Health4All Assist is a basket of benefits exclusively available to registered members. Health4All is not a Medical Aid Scheme and do not replace any Medical Aid benefits. Health4All is a Health Assist Membership Program.

Benefit Overview

The following benefits is included in all options available to members and is administrated by Herminix (Pty) Ltd.

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Benefits Primary Care Benefits Hospital Care Wellness Programme
Food Coupons
GP Consultations Unlimited
In-Patient Hospital Treatment Accident Only - R1,100,000 per accident
Pap Smears
Legal Assist Line
GP Procedures
In-Patient Hospital Stabilisation Emergency Only - R22,000 per incident
Vaccination Programme
Bail Assist up to R6,000
Nurse Consultations Unlimited
Out-Patient Casualty Treatment Accident Only - R6,000 per incident
Terms and conditions apply
Credit Investigation Services
Specialist Consultation
MRI & CT Scans Accident Only - R16,000 per year
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Acute Medication
Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapists - R3,000 per year
Emergency Medical Services
Chronic Medication
Accidental Death Benefit - R10,000 main member and spouse
Trauma & Bereavement Line
Basic & Emergency Dentistry Treatment
Emergency Services
HIV Prevention Program
Waiting Periods - No waiting periods for hospital care benefits.
Medical advisory services Line
Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell & Cell-based Treatment
Waiting Periods - Waiting periods terms and conditions apply

Special Notes